NES Classic Edition Nintendo Entertainment System Mini Console 1600+ Games

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SUPER SLIM Version HP Arcade Box / Emulation Station Game Console
Plug & Play
HP Super Slim Pre-Configured PC 2Ghz and 2GB Ram
HP 60W Power Supply
120GB USB Flash Drive With all 10,000+ Roms
Built In WiFi/ Bluetooth
Wireless PS3 Bluetooth Controller With Charge Cable
Display Port to HDMI 6ft Cable
Printed Manual Goes over all Setting and How to Use!
Super Slim and Low Power Consumption!
Size of HP Box - 10in x 9in x 1.5in
Why it's Better than Most?
  • Unit Comes Preconfigured With Every USA Rom For all the Consoles Listed Below!
  • Works With PS3 PS4 XBOX WII and WII Pro Controllers Wired or Wireless or Any USB Controller (Bluetooth)
  • Hooks Up Via HDMI works on 4K TVS (1080p Signal Output)
  • Can Rewind Any Game So you Never have To worry about Saving State!
  • Save Screen Shots at Any Point
  • Hook Up Headphones
  • Has DVI Or HDMI or Displayport Video Output!
  • Has Kodi Preinstalled Can Use Apple Airplay to Cast Video to Device!
  • Play Videos off USB Stick View Pictures
  • Control Kodi Media Center With Convenient App for Android or Apple
  • Has 6 USB Ports to Charge Other Devices!
  • Has Gigabit LAN when WLAN isnt fast enough for you
Systems Installed

Arcade Final Burn Alpha 2000+ games(Pac-Man x-men vs street fighter WWF Wrestelmania)
Arcade Classic MAME 2300+ games (MK1 MK2 MK3 Killer Instinct 1 + 2 Donkey Kong TMNT 4 Player)
Apple II 500+ games
Amstrad PC 452+ games
Atari ST 500+ games
Atari 2600 648+ game
Atari 7800 60+ games
ColecoVision 303+ games
Cavestory 1 Game
Commodore 64 309+ games
*****Dreamcast 2+ GLITCH
Nintendo 1000+ games + Hacked Games
****Nintendo 64 300+ games GLITCH
Super Nintendo 1000+ games + Hacked Games
Nintendo Virtual boy 50+ games
Gameboy 541+ games
Gameboy Color 687+ games
Gameboy Advance 1088+ games
LYNX 76+ games
Lutro 37+ games
MSX 937+ games
MSX2+ 166+ games
Sega Genesis 1044+ games + Hacked Games
Sega Genesis 32x 60+ games
Super Grafx 104+ games
***Sega CD 2+ games may glitch
Sega Game Gear 260+ games
Sega Master System 358+ games + Hacked Games
Sega SG 1000 69+ games
Sony PSP 200+ games
****SONY PS1 5+ games Glitch
Neo GEO 159+ games (Metal Slug X KOF 99 98 97 96 95 2000)
Turbo Grafx16 106+ games
Turbo Grafx CD 1 game
ScummVM 28+ games
Wonderswan 112+ Games
Wonderswan Color 95+ Games
Sharp 68000 853+ Games
Sinclair zx 81 1180+ Games
Sinclair zx spectrum 463+ games

N64 Will work on this model and we do include the Games! 
Includes 240 USA N64 Games!! However MarioKart and Zelda Glitch Some! 80% Play 100 Percent No Glitch!
Super Mario 64 Works 100% 

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